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Joshua Kruger – CEO/PMLinkedin

Joshua Kruger is a fund manager with experience managing crypto assets. He is an experienced investor, trader, and market technologist specializing solely in cryptocurrency markets and emerging crypto based protocols. Josh has been generating alpha both in a professional and personal capacity for many years in the space using everything from sophisticated algorithms to market game theory. He has generated market beating returns for investors since 2016.

JR Pasch
JR Pasch – CIO/PMLinkedin

JR Pasch has over 10 years of experience in demonstrating success through strategic leadership and critical technical insight. He co-founded the hedge fund Kruger Pasch Capital LLC (2017), served as a 61A research analyst in the United States Air Force, and campaigned the world’s first crypto currency multi-winner no-loss lottery. His work ethic and passion for advanced statistical analysis is optimized to provide robust growth-trajectories with creative risk hedging strategies. 9+ years of military service has bolstered his education on modeling, machine learning, and simulation.